Eco Resource Management Systems Inc. (eRMSi) was established in 2010 by Robert Shull, PE, to provide state of the practice transportation modeling services with emphasis on safety and efficiency. Specialties include travel demand forecasting, model development, traffic operations analysis, and custom training. We take pride in our individualized service and attention to detail that makes your project successful, on time, and on budget.

Principal staff of Eco Resource Management Systems have developed, applied, and supported city, county, MPO, and regional multi-modal models for clients throughout North America and internationally. They have developed or assisted with over 100 models in Washington State, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, Missouri, and others along with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, and Venezuela and many others through providing highly respected support services.

eRMSi staff have led model innovations including applications of multi-resolution models which integrate macroscopic travel demand, mesoscopic dynamic assignment, and microscopic simulation. To improve model operation and responsiveness, they developed the now more widely used innovations of intersection delays, multi-point assignment (MPA), integrated emissions calculators, dynamic assignment, and Level of Service (LOS) analysis. Model development and application ranges from a single intersection, through modeling parking on a college campus, small and medium size cities, entire states, and to regions with populations exceeding 60 million persons.

We have developed and instructed transportation modeling training workshops in Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, USA, and Venezuela. We are certified to instruct the application of PTV Vision modeling software and provide this service independently as well as through PTV America. We continue to provide as-needed and on-call support to both agencies and consultants.